We got an App for that

We got an App for that

  1. Are you clients using mobile devices to view homes and as part of a home search?
  2. Is the mortgage information they can find online specific to their home financing scenario?
  3. Is the mortgage/financing/payment info found online accurate for your buyers each time?


Don’t worry about this stuff. You sell the home and advise your clients on the deal, we will handle the financing part. We have been using world class software for years to advise clients on payments, financing strategy and recommendations, how much cash is needed, and tax breaks. The company I use has a one minute commercial here Mobile APP 1 minute video–Helping home buyers make confident decisions  that demonstrates the value of this mobile solution.

Our clients, upon pre approval, will get a link they can use on their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone that answers all the questions they have. The app presents all this in an easy to view document with video and it is customized for their scenario.

To see what your clients are seeing, just go to the app store or android store (search “mortgage coach” to download the mortgage coach app. It’s free! From there plug in this code,   http://mcedge.tv/16jzhw for a video and visual presentation that I recorded today. Going forward, we can email the client the link and copy you if you’d like to have the same info for your records!

Tools like this have help us WOW our clients, advise them in the best way based on their goals, and create clients that are more likely to refer their friends and family. Sound good to you? Talk to me about a way to partner to create better client experiences so we can help more people and make more money!